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Ospoly Mgt announces hike in Tution fee

Ospoly Mgt announces hike in Tution fee

In the early hours of Today, the Management of the Osun state polytechnic announced an hike in Tution fee. The increment in Tution is expected to be effective as from the 2023/2024 academic session.

The decision has left students in shock and discontent as they express their frustration over the timing of this fee adjustment.

Many are taken aback and angered by the school management’s choice to implement such changes at a time when financial strains are already a concern.

Students and Alumni react

“This is like double the price. Why is it so difficult to school in Nigeria, nawa ooo.”

“Iree will be the only state Polytechnic that will be paying 147k.”

“I do agree with them about this. They must be joking.”

“Even if Adeleke proposes this, I’m 100% sure he can’t think so inhuman this way. Can’t those SA on education and the commissioner, even the Rector advise him that this is too much?”

“Sometimes our politicians are not the problem but their subordinates.”

“These set of people are callous. How can the school management be this reckless and inconsiderate, not at this time now? Everything in this country is without timing. It is not their fault.”

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New Tuition Fees (As shared on social media)

NANS Southwest React

The National Association of Nigerian Students Southwest Zone D expresses deep concern regarding the recent surge in tuition fees for both freshers and satellite students of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.

This unilateral decision has ignited dissatisfaction among the student community, given the substantial multiple increases over the previous fees.

The leadership urgently calls upon the management of Osun State Polytechnic and the state government to revisit this decision. In the current economic climate of the country, where financial constraints are prevalent, such an abrupt increment places an undue burden on students aspiring to pursue higher education.

We understand the necessity of funding educational institutions; however, the sudden and significant rise in tuition fees is causing distress among students. This appeal aims to draw attention to the potential adverse effects on accessibility and inclusivity in education.

We implore the management and Osun State government to revisit their decision and find a balanced and equitable solution. It is crucial to consider the financial realities faced by students and their families, especially during these challenging times.

The National Association of Nigerian Students Southwest Zone D emphasizes the importance of education as a tool for national development. Hence, we believe that accessible and affordable education is a cornerstone for building a prosperous future.

We trust that the authorities will take prompt action to address this matter, ensuring that the pursuit of education remains a feasible and equitable endeavour for all students at Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.

Stay tuned for more details on the reasons behind this decision and the reactions from the student body.

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