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Students’ unrest: AAU postpones resumption date|| 2022/2023 session

Students’ unrest: AAU postpones resumption date|| 2022/2023 session


In an emergency meeting held today, the University Senate of Ambrose Alli University reached a decision to meet with protesting students and subsequently extend the resumption dates for both freshers and old students. According to an anonymous source familiar with the matter, the Senate has decided to postpone the resumption date for freshers to July 14th, while the resumption date for old students has been shifted to July 21st.

The decision to engage in dialogue with the protesting students and modify the resumption dates comes as a response to the ongoing demonstrations on campus. The protesting students have been advocating for the reduction of 300% increase in school fee.



The anonymous source, who disclosed the information, emphasized the Senate’s commitment to addressing the concerns raised by the students and finding a mutually beneficial resolution. The meeting between the University Senate and the protesting students aims to foster dialogue, identify areas for improvement, and work towards a more conducive educational environment.

By extending the resumption dates, Ambrose Alli University aims to allow sufficient time for constructive engagements with the protesting students and to implement any necessary changes. This decision highlights the university’s dedication to maintaining a harmonious relationship with its student body and ensuring that their voices are heard.

The university administration encourages all students, both freshers and old students, to actively participate in the dialogue process and contribute their perspectives and suggestions. It is hoped that through this collaborative effort, a mutually agreeable solution can be reached, fostering an atmosphere of understanding and progress.

As the discussions progress, Ambrose Alli University will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updates to the student body and the public at large. The university administration remains committed to ensuring the welfare and academic success of its students, while also fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

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